Equipment Box

One of the tricky parts of creating the dbiua network was getting the relay points setup, with a small POE switch, and battery backup.

We initially used Tycon Power Systems UPS-DC1224-9 system.  This was a great little box that had a 9AH battery and a charge controller, and just enough room to get a Ubiquity Toughswitch5 in there.


But the 4 allenhead screws were not the best and after being out in the weather for a while, they would break.  So, we switched things out and used all the same parts (9AH battery, TP-SCPOE-1214 charge controller, and toughswitch), but in a Hana Wireless NEMA 12x10x5 fiberglass box.  But, the biggest problem was mounting all the stuff in the Hana box efficiently.

What I ended up doing was designing a bracket to hold the battery up at the top, and then 2 brackets to hold the toughswitch above the charge controller.  I 3D printed both of these things (the blue things in the picture below).


I have uploaded the design of both of these brackets to Shapeways, so if you want them for your own project and do not have a 3d printer, you can just order them from Shapeways.

You will need 2 toughswitch9 and 1 batterybox12.  The prices for both of these are not marked up at all.

One last part that you need is a POE splitter (Tycon Power Systems POE-SPLT-S
Passive Splitter 5.5/2.1mm DC Shielded):

This allows you to pull the power off the charge controller POE out port, and power the toughswitch.  In the picture above you can see one end of this splitter plugged into the first port of the switch.  The rest of the splitter is under the switch.

Our latest version of this equipment box includes a RaspberryPI (designed by Brett Marl), that monitors the power of the battery, as well as doing internal speed tests on our network.

IMG_20151128_151042 (1).jpg