Radios we use

In a previous post I mentioned the wifi routers we install in members homes.  These are the last part of the network.  So what about everything else?


We use a variety of radios depending on the situation.  For PTP links we generally use PowerbridgeM5 on both ends, though sometimes we have a PowerbridgeM5 on the upstream side, and a NanoStationM5 on the downstream side.

For one PTP link from the water tank, we have a RocketM5 with 30dBi 2′ dish, and a NanoStationM5 on the other end.  The NanoStationM5 is up at the top of a tree, and sways around a bit.

For our PTMP (Point to Multipoint) links, we always have a RocketM5 with either a 16 or 19 dBi sector, or sometimes a 13dBi omni antenna.  On the downstream side we use either NanoStationM5, or NanoLocoM5, or NanoBeamM5-16, or sometimes for a long link, a NanoBridgeM5-22.  The NanoBeamM5-16 are really great little radios as they have a nice integrated mounting bracket.


Some of our links use 900mhz, and for these we will use a RocketM900, with a 13dBi sector (what I call the water heater, because the thing is huge).  Then on the downstream side we have NanoLocoM900.  Sometimes we will use a NanoLocoM900 on both sides of the link if the link is not going very far, or there is just one client radio downstream.


In one location we are using 3.65 Ghz (which requires an FCC license).  Here we have a RocketM365 with a 12dBi Omni, and then NanoStationM365 for downstream radios.

And in another location we are using 2.4Ghz, and a RocketM2 with a 16dBi sector and NanoStationM2 downstream.

These are all part of Ubiquity’s AirMax line.  We are not using an AC radios yet, but we might switch to some of these on our backhaul links in the future.