My Favorite Ubiquity Wifi Router

Our standard member install usually (always), has one radio outside the house.  This is some form of their airmax line.  We sometimes also provide a 2.4ghz wifi router for the member inside the house.  This is not always required if they already have a wifi router.

In order to make things easy, we decided to standardize on a Ubiquity product here as well.

In the very beginning, we used their basic AirRouter.


We then started using the AirRouter-HP, which has a better range, and is powered by POE.  it is a little more expensive.

AirRouter-HP .jpg

Then I ran across their AirGateway, which is this tiny little thing that plugs directly into the POE brick.  They also had an AirGateway-LR, which was similar to the AirRouter-HP.


After doing some installs with these, I decided I liked the AirRouters better, specifically the AirRouter-HP.  Why?  Not totally sure, but they seem more tried and true, and you have the ability to plug more than one thing into them if needed.